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We are a concrete company that specializes in the installation, maintenance,

                 repair and special finishes of interior and exterior concrete.

              We have a solution to your concrete lifting and resurfacing needs!

      **  For concrete lifting, we now offer the Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Machine   **

We offer a variety of techniques for concrete repair. Don't just replace it, repair it.  

Want to create a cost effective replica of more expensive materials without compromising the natural or authentic look? 

Need an extra layer of protection to endure constant wear, simplify maintenance, and improve skid resistance?  

Don't settle for dull grey concrete.  Make your floor a showpiece and create a more finished look.  

For the property owner investing in concrete (flatwork) has a direct impact on the value of the property.  If left unattended, concrete maintenance and repairs can lead to absorbent costs and pose safety and health hazards.   The condition and appearance of concrete can negatively  affect the value of your property. 


KLS' goal is to educate the property owner about their options based on the condition of the concrete, reason for the condition, and offer the most cost effective solution to their concrete needs, without compromising the integrity of our work.     



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